The FastFerment System is a one-stage fermenter made of foodgrade HDPE. It allows brewers & winemakers to do primary & secondary fermentation in the same unit. FastFerment eliminates racking & transferring between buckets & carboys. This saves approximately 80% of the time & labor needed to make a batch of beer or wine compared to traditional methods. With less equipment, clean up is easy.

Why Use FastFerment?

  • Guaranteed consistent batches
  • Primary & secondary fermentation in the same container
  • No transfers & no racking - 80% less work
  • Better quality product with no sediment contamination
  • Increased Sanitation with Less Contamination
  • Less oxygen exposure
  • Ability to harvest yeast & save for reuse

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring  with 15cm removable screw top

  • Total Capacity 11,3 liter (3G)  - Made for 3-8 liter batches (with blow off)

  • With convenient stand.

  • 3/4" Bottom valve

  • Mason Jar Attachment for Yeast Harvesting + Mason Jar (120 ml)

Optionally available :

  • Sample port kit
  • Thermowell

  • Thermometer

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FastFerment™ 3G Kit

€ 44,95

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FastFerment™ 3G Kit

Professional CCT made of foodgrade HDPE, ideal  one-stage fermenter which allows for brewers & winemakers to do primary and seconday fermentation in the same unit. Easy to use, easy  to clean, easy on the budget ! Ideal for 3-8 liter batches. Total volume 11,3 liter (3G).

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