Cleaner for all slightly soiled materials and bottles. Does not need to be rinsed with water, but it's still recommended. By the released active oxygen is a thorough cleaning in a single treatment with a short contact time!

  • Dosage: 4 grams per liter of warm to hot water. 
  • Contact time: 3-5 minutes. Attention: in case of a longer contact time harmless white calcium deposits may be left behind which can be easily removed by rinsing with a solution of acedic or citric acid. 
  • Content: 1000 g (good for 250 liter cleaner) 

Please note that it has the same active ingredient as Chemipro OXI, only it's much more favorably priced.

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Arsegan PURO OXI ® 1000 gr

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PURO OXI ® is an environmentally safe cleaner for all slightly soiled materials and bottles.