A MasterPint Beer kit makes 20 liters of top notch beer. The MasterPint beer kits are packed in a plastic pouch. Each kit contains yeast. Only water and 1 kg of brewing sugar need to be added! Brewing at home has never been more easy.

MasterPint European Lager: Typical North European Lager with slightly higher hop addition.

Colour: 8-12 EBC
Bitter: 30-35 EBU
Alcohol: 5%
Net weight: 1.6kg

Makes 23 liters of beer, however we recommend only making 20 liters for a slightly stronger and better tasting beer!

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MasterPint European Lager 20L

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€ 11,95

Make 20 liters of top quality homebrew with the MasterPint Beer kits. A top notch result for a budget price!

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